What are the advantages of Atheism?

As a Christian I could make a lengthy list of what I see as advantages with Christ and following his teachings. I am honestly curious on what you would consider the advantages of atheism? Thank you in advance for your response.

Posted: October 22nd 2008


I think this is a strange question, as it implies that religious belief is a bit like buying a new car – you look at the available accessories, compare gas mileage, and then figure out which one works best for you. Each person has their own idea of what’s important to them, so there are lots of opinion on what’s best.

But matters of existence are questions of fact rather than questions of opinion. They are not decided by what we would like to be true, but rather by what is true (or, to be pedantic, that which there is sufficient evidence to believe is true).

Or, to put it another way, whether I think eternal life is a desirable thing to have has no bearing on whether I think it’s true.

Posted: November 18th 2008

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Dave Hitt www

Atheism, by itself, frees up a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in worship. It prevents one from being ripped off by religious charlatans. It provides great freedom and at the same time great responsibility – while I can now do things without worrying if they’ll annoy some nasty sky-daddy, I also know that the results of my actions are my responsibility – I can’t blame it on “sin.”

Atheism and skepticism are two different things, but they fit together nicely. Atheism combined with skepticism provides protection form all kinds of con-men and charlatans. The Atheist Skeptic doesn’t waste their money or endanger their health with homeopathy, psychic surgery, healing touch, fortunetelling, and similar nonsense.

Posted: November 13th 2008

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SmartLX www

I wonder how many of the advantages you would list (e.g. going to Heaven) presuppose that God and Jesus exist? Based on this presupposition, atheism is wrong and it’s no wonder it doesn’t look very good.

Even without the presupposition, it’s a common argument that believers are happier and more moral. That’s an idea I dispute but won’t get into right now, but even if it’s absolutely true it doesn’t mean that believers are correct to believe.

Posted: October 22nd 2008

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There are no advantages to atheism. It is simply the lack of belief in god(s). Christians are atheistic towards all gods except theirs; atheists just go one god further. Why not also pose the question of what are the advantages of Christians not believing in other god(s)?

Atheism is a by-product of an critical, questioning, skeptical mind that demands evidence.

Are there then advantages of having such a mind? Yes, countless advantages, some being: One can discover scientific breakthroughs; one can solve everyday problems with confidence; one can exult in the enjoyable pursuit of challenging mental activities.

Posted: October 22nd 2008

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