How to de-brainwash my girlfriend?


My girlfriend grew up in a cult, in the meantime they are allowed to call themselves religious. Her father is a leader and lecturer of this church and spreads his silly message all over the world. All 3 kids are somehow weird, my girlfriend as well. She is just not able to think in a normal way again. I am so sick by now of all this bull that I can’t even hear the word “religion” anymore.

Her father turned from atheist to the biggest believer and is now such a weirdo that he has no opinion of his own anymore. He is only talking “bible”.

How can I de-brainwash my girlfriend? Are there any books that teach an normal belief or that teaches how to get rid of all this bull? I want to help her to get back to normal again. I don’t want to break up with her just because her father is such a freak. Please help!!!!

Posted: February 5th 2009

Dave Hitt www

You can’t de-brainwash anyone – they have to do it themselves. Fortunately there are quite a few tools out there to help them out, if they are willing to participate.

It is very difficult for anyone who hasn’t been in a cult to understand what cult members and ex-cult members are going through. Cults carefully plant their tendrils into every aspect of a person’s personality, and it usually takes years to clean it all out. People who don’t succeed in deprogramming themselves are at risk for being sucked back in.

The internet is full of support forums for every cult, and you can find them by searching for terms like “ex-{cult name},” {cult name} recovery,” “escape {cult name}.” For instance, if she’s a Jehovah’s Witness, she’ll find the Jehovah’s Witness Recovery Forum a great help for sorting things out and deprogramming herself. There are similar forums for Mormons, Scientologists, Moonies, etc. She should also visit forums for an entirely different cult. That will make it obvious that while the theology is different, the methods of control are identical.

You should give her a copy of “Combating Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan. If she’s not receptive to that just leave it laying around for her to find.

Posted: February 6th 2009

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