Are there any good non-religious self help books?

I have a close friend who is going through a particularly rough patch in her life. It seems nothing will go right for her. I thought a good gift would be a book similar to the “why do bad things happen to good people” theme. I’m not sure of her beliefs, but being an atheist myself I want to help her without any “put your faith in god” nonsense. Are there any books out there that are uplifting without being religious? Thanks for your time.

Posted: December 17th 2009


Each person has her own idea of what inspiration would detail. Since you do not even know if she is a non-believer, and even if she is, no non-believer is like another, it seems moot to list those books which have inspired me.

Most people will respond if you let them know that you are there for them. In other words, the gift is you. However, a friend’s support may not be enough in all stressful circumstances.

I am guessing that the reason why you want to inspire her is so she can heal/recover properly from great stresses/sorrows so she will continue to grow and live well with a good quality of life. In that case, I would suggest considering a book on Brief Therapy or a few therapy sessions with a mental health practitioner knowledgeable in such therapy. Brief Therapy is for healthy people who need assistance in effecting change in their lives.

If your heart is set on an inspirational gift (other than yourself!) give a gift of art (you can choose from a good selection of inexpensive art posters from any Art Museum’s book shop), music, or literature—some lovely expressive creativity that has appealed to you about which you can make a calculated guess that it may appeal to her also (after all you do know her unlike me!)

Posted: December 23rd 2009

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