Miracles by C.S. Lewis

I was curious if anyone here has read Miracles by C.S. Lewis ? C.S Lewis is one of the most famous Atheists-turned-Christian of the 20th century and in his book Miracles C.S. Lewis gives a logical account of the supernatural.

Posted: June 13th 2012


As a Christian, I read that book.

Similar to what the other commentator says, it seems to be more a justification of something that one already believes. It’s not a book that really convinces a reader who hasn’t accepted it.

Posted: January 3rd 2013

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Lewis supposedly gives reason for rational belief, but I’ve read some of his arguments, and they aren’t very good.

I think Lewis mostly gives ways for people who already believe the mistaken idea that their beliefs are rational.

Posted: June 30th 2012

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