Is DNA analogous with Code?

This has been floating around a lot lately, and I think is basically the main premise of the book “Signiture in the Cell” by Meyer(although I haven’t read this book). It shows up in slightly different forms but is basically as follows:

1. DNA is a code

2. All code has an intelligent creator(or was created by a mind)

3. Therefore DNA had/has an intillegent creator.

Begging the question maybe? The best I understand it, it comes down to definitions of code, etc.

Appologists I know have tried to compare it with computer code, but this seems absurd. For one thing, computer code has no physical properties, and cannot exist without some sort of medium where as DNA has physical properties.

It seems DNA, when you get down to it, is just chemical reactions, and terms like “genetic code” are a bit of a misnomer. That or the “genetic code” is something we humans came up with to help us explain easier how DNA works.

Some computer programs can in fact create further code—seems like a good counter example to all code has an intelligent creator.

Still, I have a hard time refuting this one concisely. Thoughts?

Posted: November 4th 2012


DNA is just a code, and it is executed by organisms.

The problem with the argument is not that DNA is a code, it is that all codes have an intelligent creator.

Posted: December 17th 2012

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Mike the Infidel www

It’s a bad analogy for a very simple (but often overlooked reason): DNA is a chemical. What it does is just a function of the laws of chemistry and physics working through specific chemical interactions. If it’s a code, then so is every other chemical formula. Therefore, water (H2O) is a code.

Posted: November 11th 2012

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Galen Rose www

“Some computer programs can in fact create further codeā€”seems like a good counter example to all code has an intelligent creator.”

There’s your answer. Artificial intelligence involves code which constantly improves itself for the task at hand. This is essentially what evolution does; constantly improves the DNA code for the task of survival. It all started with an accidental agglomeration of chemicals which had the fortunate ability to reproduce itself. Evolution has done all the rest. No intelligent creator necessary – at least not as a discrete being.

Posted: November 9th 2012

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George Locke

The biggest problem is the second bullet point: code need not have an intelligent creator. However you define “code”, it must be established that it needs a designer. DNA had no designer, so if it is a code, then not all codes were designed.

Posted: November 9th 2012

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