As an atheist, is using a church service ever ok?

I’m a mum from NZ with a 2 year old, and there is a Salvation Army centre nearby which runs a preschool music and movement class. There is no prayer or proselytising, and so despite my feelings about not supporting religions, I have taken my daughter to a few sessions. The people are very nice, and my daughter loves it. They also have a community garden, a “community cuppa” (for those in need of companionship) and other services, some of which I’ve helped with in the past. There’s no mention of God, just helping people. And I’d like to help out again… But I feel really guilty because at the end of the day, there is no forgetting they are a church! What should I be doing here, in your opinion? Thank you.

Posted: November 25th 2012

Dave Hitt www

Would it be OK to do volunteer work for a church-based soup kitchen that doesn’t proselytize?

I’d keep an eye on what’s going on, because the SA is becoming aggressively anti-gay, but if you’re comfortable with the classes and your kid likes them, go for it.

Posted: December 7th 2012

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George Locke

It’s not a big deal. Go for it.

Posted: November 30th 2012

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