Are you all darwinists?

Have you never embraced the theory of creationism? It doesn’t have to be a god that caused the creation, but surely it’s just as valid a theory as saying we all came from fish, right?

Posted: March 26th 2013

SmartLX www

Simply saying we came from fish, without supporting it with any explanation or evidence, would be just as silly as saying everything was created on the spot.

Examining the fossilised, genetic and geographical evidence and discovering that some of our ancestors can be classified as fish – and learning how the transition to modern creatures occurred – is not silly at all, because it becomes clear that this is actually the case.

Creation might become plausible if A. a physical mechanism were proposed and B. unambiguous evidence were found that it had actually been used.

Posted: April 18th 2013

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George Locke

There is no evidence for creationism. There are mountains of evidence for the theory of evolution. We have the fossils. Case closed.

Posted: April 4th 2013

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Dave Hitt www

No, because there is no such thing as a “Darwinist.” It’s a term invented by fundamentalists to demean rationalists.

There is no theory of creationism. It is unsupported fiction without a single fact to support it. Not one. It’s like asking if we support the Theory of Sauron or the Theory of Hogwarts.

Posted: April 4th 2013

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